Attorneys are appointed to act for another in business and legal matters. There are many different specialties of lawyers, but here is a breakdown of four different types of counsel.

Business Law
Business law encompasses all of the laws that dictate how to form and run a business. It includes laws that regulate how to create, buy, manage, or close any type of business. Lawyers in this field are also able to help workers and file worker’s compensation claims. As 74% of states require all businesses to have worker’s comp, having a business lawyer available is crucial to ensure your company runs smoothly, and you have safe and healthy workers.

Divorce Law
In America, there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds which amounts to 2,400 divorces per day and 876,000 divorces per year. Additionally, the average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is nine years. Divorce lawyers handle the termination of a marriage, the canceling and reorganizing of legal duties and responsibilities of marriage along with dissolving the bonds of matrimony between a couple under their state’s law. Considering that divorce is so prevalent in the United States, making use of a knowledgeable divorce attorney will simplify the divorce process and take a weight off your shoulders.

Criminal Law
This form of law deals with those who have committed crimes. In a criminal case, the state brings the suit through a prosecutor against those committed. In comparison, a civil case is where the victim brings the suit. These crimes can end with the punishment of jail time, fined, or having to give up property, and sometimes it can be a mixture of all three. Overall, these crimes include felonies, more serious offenses like rape or murder, or misdemeanors, which include less serious offenses like petty theft.

Immigration Law
Immigration Law refers to the rules established by the federal government for determining who is allowed to enter the country and for how long. This also governs the naturalization process for those looking to become U.S citizens.

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