As many of you might be aware, last week Mr. Elledge’s granddaughter, Sadie Elledge, a waitress at Jess’ Quick Lunch near the law firm, was the recipient of a xenophobic message in lieu of a tip from some customers at the restaurant.

News of this slight has spread worldwide, and there have been hundreds of responses from well-wishers, many of whom have been seeking a mechanism by which they could send Sadie a tip.

While the important aspect of the story has never been about the tip, we understand why people want to make a financial contribution. After discussing this issue with Sadie, she has determined that if people really want to respond with offers of financial support, that there are two local charities in Harrisonburg that should benefit from her well-wishers’ generosity: New Bridges Immigrant Resource Center, and the Samuel R. Bowman II Scholarship for Hispanic students, through the Harrisonburg Community Foundation.

We want to thank everyone for their generosity of spirit and resources in showing Sadie that she is valuable, and that bigotry like that she experienced is not acceptable to most folks in modern society. At John Elledge & Assoc PC, we live our lives as more than just professionals as lawyers in Harrisonburg, VA. We hope to make a meaningful impact on the life of our community. You can help us do that by sending your “Tips for Sadie” to the New Bridges Immigrant Resource Center or the Samuel R. Bowman, II Endowed Scholarship for Hispanic Students.