How To Make Your Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Job Easier For The Best End Result

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For a public defender to effectively procure a year’s worth of work, they would require approximately 3,035 work hours. That’s up to a year and a half worth of work. A criminal defense attorney requires just as much time.Because you and your criminal defense lawyer are working toward the same goal – the best possible result – you should feel that you’ve built a partnership with your attorney over the course of your trial. Therefore, to help your legal partner and to better your chances of a successful outcome, here are a few things you can do to make your attorney’s job easier.

Provide your law firm or lawyer with all evidence you know about
The law firm on your case may be able to use the assistance of an investigator to help gather evidence, including witnesses. However, it’s always easier if the client is able to produce the evidence they’re aware of themselves. Give the law firm on your case all the names and addresses of potential witnesses you may know of.

Additionally, if you know of anything that could be held against you on the opposing side of the trial, inform your lawyer about it. An attorney may be able to skillfully navigate accusations against their client, but it’s easier if the attorney is aware of any evidence that may be used as a surprise argument.

Don’t talk to the police
Your Miranda Rights grant you the right to remain silent regardless of the questions the police ask you. Use that right. Any evidence and information about the incident you’re being tried for should only be discussed with your attorney and the law firm representing you unless your attorney advises otherwise.

Even the smallest of details in a seemingly innocent question can be self-incriminating although it may not seem like it. Tell the police you refuse to answer any questions until your criminal defense lawyer is present.

Don’t discuss your case with anyone besides your criminal defense lawyers
It’s understandable to want to discuss your case with others including friends and family. However, your words can easily be heard or recorded by a skilled investigator or the media. Keep the private information about your case as private as possible and don’t share other information.

Your criminal defense attorneys are working in your best interest to provide you with the best possible outcome. As a client who also wants the best possible outcome, it’s in your best interest not to keep silent about your case and to provide your attorney with all evidence you’re aware of. Your relationship with your attorney is a partnership; you should work together for the best result.