3 Questions To Ask Your Immigration Lawyer During A Consultation

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The process of establishing American citizenship can be incredibly challenging. However, it’s important to know during this time that you’re not alone. The foreign-born American population increased by one million people between 2013 and 2014 alone.

One of the best ways to ease your anxiety about your citizenship or immigration issues is to meet with immigration attorneys. Immigration attorneys can help you understand your options and figure out the best way to proceed.

However, before you solidify your relationship with an immigration attorney it’s important to first consider asking the following questions. These questions will help you decide whether or not your immigration lawyer may be the best representation for you.

What experience do you have in immigration law?

Immigration law is a complex practice. You want to be sure the lawyer you choose has the right experience in cases similar to your own.

Whether your case is on visas or naturalization, a Harrisonburg lawyer who understands the process you’ll be going through will know how to operate the courtroom and paperwork. What’s more, they’ll also know how to navigate possible challenges as they arise.

Do you have any former clients I can speak to?

A law firm is essentially like any other service; you want to be sure they have good reviews. By speaking to references or former clients, you get a good look at how they treat their present clients.

This is a good question to ask even if you decide not to contact their references. If your lawyer has happy to oblige, it shows they’re confident in their work and skills.

What will you do to help me during my case?

An attorney may be able to offer you legal help, but it’s also important to know what level of service to expect. By asking this question during your consultation, you can know what to expect from your attorney such as whether they’ll complete paperwork on your behalf.

Immigration attorneys are there to help you understand your case and how to move forward. For more information on how a Harrisonburg immigration lawyer can help you during your case, contact John Elledge today for legal assistance.