In the wake of all the talk about illegal immigration, it is important for residents of Harrisonburg, Virginia, to recognize that anyone who is not a United States citizen, even those staying here perfectly legally, can be deported under certain circumstances.

One of the most common grounds for deportation, for example, is when a non-citizen commits certain types of crimes.

While they must be somewhat significant, these types of crimes need not be particularly heinous or awful to expose someone to deportation; they are indeed the types of offenses that anyone, even good people, can find themselves facing as the result of a one-time mistake.

The consequences of deportation are always serious, but they are particularly bad when the immigrant who is facing removal has lived in this country, legally, almost all of his or her life. In addition to all the other criminal penalties he or she is facing for breaking the law, he or she could also be sent “home” to a country where they do not know the language or customs and have no support available.

As part of its immigration practice, our law office represents immigrants who are facing deportation under these circumstances. We have experience with the nuances of immigration law, and, while we cannot promise results in every case, we have on many occasions successfully been able kept and immigrant in this country despite their being accused of a one-time, and very forgivable, offense.

Getting charged with a significant crime under Virginia law while not a citizen of this country can have permanent and severe immigration consequences. Should this happen to him or her, a person should seek out the advice of experienced immigration counsel, such as those professionals who work at our law office.