Custody options for Virginia parents

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The end of a marriage is a difficult time for the individuals who have chosen to legally part ways. But, regardless of their financial situation or their portfolio of property, if the individuals share children, they will undoubtedly experience some trepidation and sadness over the dissolution of their kids’ family home. This post will briefly touch on some of the child custody options Virginia parents may learn about as they work to end their marriages in divorce.

The custody of a child includes two important areas of need: physical custody and legal custody. Most people are familiar with physical custody as it has to do with where a child will live during and after the finalization of a divorce. Legal custody has to do with how the parents will make important decisions about raising the child.

Parents can share physical custody and legal custody though equal sharing time in a physical custody arrangement can be difficult. In some cases, the courts may award one parent sole physical custody of the child if that arrangement better serves the child’s needs. Often, when one parent has sole physical custody the other parent may assert their right to visitation with their child to maintain their connection and bond after the divorce.

Custody can be shared or granted, solely to one parent, and how a court sets forth these arrangements for the physical and legal custody of a child will depend on many factors. It is important that readers discuss their child custody questions with their family law and divorce attorneys to get the best possible advice for their specific situations as this post provides no legal advice.