A certain type of debt may lead to marital problems and divorce

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Anyone who has ever wondered how they would pay a large bill or make their rent understands the stress that comes with not having enough money. In fact, money or a lack thereof is a major source of personal stress of many Virginians that can wreak havoc on their lives. Marriages can suffer when money woes plague relationships, and problems concerning money are a common cause of divorces.

However, a recent survey found that one specific type of financial liability seemed to take a leading role in causing divorces between American couples. Student loans were identified as the cause of divorce for around one out of every eight failed marriages. This may not come as a surprise to readers of this Harrisonburg legal blog as the costs of post-secondary education have skyrocketed in the United States.

It is not uncommon for a young person to graduate from college with a large financial liability to pay off. They may have needed loans to pay their tuition and to live off of while the worked toward their degree. They may have required money to buy their books, to travel to and from their place of study and to participate in education opportunities.

Student loans often become payable in the year or so after a person has graduated from their educational program, and this is also the time that young people may start relationships that have the potential for leading to marriage. Student loans are therefore burdens that young couples have from the outset of their relationships and can cause significant strife for those who wish to purchase homes, change career paths, or even have kids. Many different factors can push couples toward divorce and the support of a trusted family law attorney is an asset to anyone who desires to end their marriage.