What factors result in enhanced DUI penalties?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | DUI |

The penalties for a DUI conviction in Virginia can include an array of sanctions like fines, the loss of one’s license, and even jail time. However, these penalties can be enhanced if certain factors are present at the time an individual is arrested and charged with their drunk driving crime.

This post will address some of those factors, but readers are reminded that this post does not provide a comprehensive listing of all possible enhancement elements that exist under the law.

One factor that can exacerbate an individual’s DUI penalties is if they were arrested while driving with children in their vehicle. Allegedly placing a child in danger while driving drunk is a matter that Virginia courts take seriously, and that can lead to enhanced DUI penalties.

Additionally, individuals who have commercial licenses and who are arrested for DUI while operating commercial vehicles can be penalized more harshly than individuals who are arrested for DUI on standard licenses. A person can lose their commercial license if their arrest results in a conviction on drunk driving charges.

Finally, an alleged drunk driving incident that results in an accident that causes property damage or personal injuries can lead to the alleged responsible party being sanctioned more heavily for their allegedly illegal actions. Drivers should be aware that their conduct and actions at the time of their arrests can be used as evidence in their DUI trials and that certain actions can result in enhanced punishments when those individuals are convicted.

Although there is no way to warrant an particular result, individuals who work with DUI defense attorneys can have confidence that their cases are being handled by professionals who understand the penalties and laws that govern DUI matters.