A person who at one time was affiliated with the Harrisonburg Fire Department has been charged with multiple criminal felonies in connection with an alleged break-in at a fire station. While the suspect has been identified as a former employee, it is not clear whether he was a firefighter or served in a supporting capacity.

According to reports, the former employee went to the fire station twice and on both occasions removed equipment from the fire trucks parked there. While the young man is charged with breaking and entering, it is not clear whether there was a forced entry in to the fire station. The suspect is currently at liberty on a bond, and the judge did not require any security from the suspect.

Work-related allegations of theft can be difficult cases for a number of reasons. On the one hand, he penalties for such behavior are very serious, as they can include felony convictions and the possibility of an extended stay in jail or prison. Prosecutors and police will likely take such allegations especially seriously since the accused may have at one point been in a position of trust.

On the other hand, it is not always easy to sort out allegations of work-related theft, as the workplace is also frequently home to disputes over what belongs to whom and other, related issues.

It is possible for someone, particularly a former employee who may not be leaving under the best circumstances, to find himself wrongfully accused of stealing when, at worst, they may have engaged in irresponsible or even inappropriate behavior. Work-related allegations of theft often need to be met with a vigorous criminal defense.