Updated policy streamlines immigration process

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2019 | Immigration |

Our readers in Virginia probably know that getting a green card through marriage is one of the most common ways that individuals obtain legal residency in the United States. Foreign spouses of American citizens can get a green card that, while temporary at first, can become permanent in time. However, after the set period of time has passed and a foreign spouse has the right to obtain permanent residency, sometimes they do not.

As a recent news article pointed out, sometimes these spouses either forget to take this action, or they have divorced the American citizen they were married to.

The recent news article also pointed out that, for those individuals who fall into this category, old policy used to be that an immigration judge had to weigh-in on the situation. However, according to the article, the policy has been streamlined so that requirement is no longer applicable in most cases. This removes the possibility under the previous policy of immigrants being in “limbo” due to their status in the country.

In recent years, it probably seems to our readers that immigration policies have been changing all the time. While it is certainly true that this area of policy and law is, as always, a hot-button political issue, the reality is that immigration policies have a very real impact on individuals in Virginia and throughout the country.

Immigrants who are concerned about their legal status in America may need to get more information about their options. Staying up to date on policy and the law can help Virginia residents make sure that they are in compliance with the appropriate rules and regulations.