Consider the costs before choosing a divorce trial

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2020 | Divorce |

Virginia divorces may not always be amicable as there are issues that can take some time and effort to resolve. At some point, spouses may have to decide whether they are able to handle the issues on their own or will be forced to go to court. Before opting for a trial, spouses should understand all of the costs involved in a trial.

The first and most obvious issue is the cost involved with a trial. Fees can add up quickly when there is a court hearing. Thus, spouses must not take this decision lightly since they will end up paying higher costs. However, it may be a necessary investment if the other spouse has made a low-ball offer in settlement negotiations or even refuses to make one at all.

There are also definite impacts on the relationship between the spouses after the divorce is concluded. Especially if there are children involved, there is a need for continued partnership even after the papers are signed. However, a trial raises emotions. Understandably, people may have a hard time pressing the reset button after they square off against each other in court. Nonetheless, both spouses must be reasonable and compromise in order to avoid an expensive and bitter trial that will take time.

Those who are going through a divorce might benefit from a consultation with a family law attorney in order to see if it is possible to avoid a trial. The attorney may be able to advise on ways to avoid litigation or creative resolutions to thorny issues. If the case is not able to be resolved, the attorney may be retained to litigate the case at trial. There are many reasons to stay out of court, but the decision is not always in the hands of one spouse alone.