Don’t overlook the details of life insurance

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Life insurance is a much bigger concern in a Virginia divorce than you may think. When you are getting divorced, you spend much of their time trying to find solutions to the issues of property division and custody. Once these are agreed upon, you often think that the divorce is largely over except for the signature. However, there are more issues to consider.

When dealing with life insurance in a divorce, the largest consideration is how much coverage to require in the divorce agreement. This number should not be chosen lightly but instead should be arrived at after serious thought of how much it would actually cost to raise the children until the age of majority and to educate them through college. Mandating too much insurance can be financially burdensome on you if you are obligated to pay.

There could also be issues with an increase in the cost of premiums as you age. Term renewals get more expensive as the insured gets older, and the required amount of coverage could get prohibitively expensive. Alternatively, you could develop a health condition that could even keep them from being approved for an insurance policy at all. These are considerations that people generally do not think of when they are in the middle of a divorce and going through life changes at the same time.

A family law attorney may keep you focused during the divorce and keep their mind on details that may seem small at the time but can cause larger problems in the future. Clients understandably are distracted and may not focus on things that do not appear critical. However, you are not always in a position to know what is vital. The lawyer may raise issues that, if not addressed now, can come back to haunt in the future, such as life insurance.