When do you need a bilingual attorney?

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While the majority of Virginia residents speak English, others speak mainly in Spanish or speak two or more languages. This language barrier can cause serious issues if they need to talk to an attorney. Fortunately, some law firms have bilingual attorneys who can speak directly to their clients without using an interpreter.

Why should you seek a bilingual attorney?

If you’re about to undergo a criminal defense trial, you need an attorney who can speak your first language. You might be able to use an interpreter, but the discussion will take much longer and some statements might get lost in translation. You might even have to pay a fee if you have to hire a professional interpreter.

It’s unfortunate, but some people even try to take advantage of individuals who speak English as a second language. When you hire a criminal defense attorney who speaks your language, you’ll know exactly what they’re saying and won’t have to worry that they’re lying or taking advantage of you. Plus, your attorney will be able to clearly understand you and prepare the best defense for your case.

During your court case, you’ll probably encounter judges, prosecutors and other people who only speak English. When your attorney speaks your language, they’ll be able to translate everything for you. Theoretically, you could hire a translator, but it saves time and money when your attorney does the translating for you. You’ll know exactly what’s going on during your trial instead of guessing about the situation.

What if your attorney only speaks English?

You could hire an attorney who only speaks English, but you might have trouble getting your points across. You might also have difficulty understanding your attorney, which could lead to more serious issues down the line. Your attorney might not be able to prepare a strong case if they don’t speak your first language.

Many bilingual attorneys are fluent in Spanish and have visited Spanish-speaking countries. They can communicate with you effortlessly as well as people who speak English. When you hire one of these attorneys, you won’t have to worry about anything getting lost in translation.