You can challenge your DUI charges

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In Virginia, the laws are strict regarding DUI charges. Even first-time offenders face significant penalties.

A conviction can mean license suspension, fines and jail time, depending on your circumstance.

You can fight DUI charges in court

Under Virginia law, any amount of alcohol can result in a DUI charge. This state classifies DUIs and DWIs as criminal misdemeanor acts and has the harshest penalties in the country, making it essential to challenge the charges against you. You can present your case in court to avoid a criminal record and other severe consequences. Professional assistance can help you secure a favorable outcome.

Review the details of your case

Go over the events of your arrest to consider your possible defense options.

  • Consider why the police pulled you over. Officers must have a legal reason for a stop, like a traffic violation or a crime.
  • Question the accuracy of the breath test machines or the chemical analysis of the results. Were there conditions that may have caused a false positive, such as foods you ate, medications you take or calibration issues with the equipment?
  • Review the events of your arrest. Did the officer explain your rights and the consent warnings of refusing a chemical test?
  • Assess the procedures used for a field sobriety test. Do you have physical limitations or injuries that prevent you from performing these tests accurately? Were there other factors that may have skewed your results?

Virginia laws have severe punishments for DUI charges. Having extensive knowledge of the law and your possible defenses helps you minimize the penalties after an arrest.