How driving without a license can affect your immigration status

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Receiving a driver’s license can be difficult or even impossible for many immigrants. You might find yourself in a situation where you see no other choice but to drive even without a license, but this raises the question of what the consequences could be.

Immigrants in Virginia do have the option of applying for a driver privilege card, but this comes with a specific set of requirements as well. Driving without any kind of license or legal substitute is extremely risky.

Criminal offenses may result in deportation

Driving without a license is a traffic offense that could result in a criminal conviction.  This can ultimately affect your immigration status. While driving without a license is not a severe crime itself, having multiple criminal offenses on record can lead to deportation.

What to do if you receive a criminal conviction

If an officer arrests you and convicts you with a criminal charge, your first priority is to build a criminal defense case. As an immigrant, you should consider contacting an attorney with experience handling immigration issues. Responding to an arrest or court summons without legal guidance can cause unforeseen consequences that may worsen the situation.

Getting to work or fulfilling other obligations might seem like valid reasons to get behind the wheel, even if you do not have a valid license. The most important thing to remember is that this is a criminal act. Even if it does not seem like a big deal and you feel that there is no other choice, it is likely not a risk worth taking.