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How Does A Stepparent Adopt A Stepchild?

Many stepparents wish to adopt their stepchildren as a way to formally seal their obligation and relationship with the child. Some consider it a gesture; others see it as a way to protect the child and their own parental rights.

The process of a stepparent adoption can be simple if the child’s birth parent does not object to the adoption. For example, if you are the stepdad and your stepchild’s birth father is no longer living or has abandoned their child, it will be easy to move forward. However, if the birth parent in question is alive and cannot be found to give notice, the process can take a little longer.

Can Grandparents Adopt?

A grandparent adoption has similar challenges but can become more complicated given that you must have the consent of both the mother and the father. That means they each must be located and given the opportunity to object to the adoption.

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