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What To Do If You Are Facing Deportation

If an immigrant is accused of violating the law, he or she could face what is called removal or deportation. This is the formal removal of a person who is not a citizen of the United States. If you or a family member is facing removal, you want an attorney who is skilled in this area of immigration law. You also want a law firm that can communicate with all members of your family, especially those who do not speak English.

Se Habla Español

At John Elledge & Associates in Harrisonburg, Virginia, we have a dedicated practitioner to removal defense, as well as Spanish-speaking members of our staff. Our legal professionals are experienced in immigration law, so they know many of the nuances that are nearly impossible for the untrained person to know. No matter what aspect of the law you’re having trouble with, we’ll be glad to look over your case and do what we can to help.

Don’t navigate this complex system by yourself; enlist the help of John Elledge & Associates. A simple innocent mistake can have permanent and devastating consequences. We’ll serve as your guides, making sure that everything becomes much easier for you.

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