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Strong Defense For College Students

James Madison University is an excellent university with a beautiful campus, exceptional student life, and a great link to the community. If you’re a student at James Madison University, you know firsthand how great the college experience is. However, sometimes students face legal troubles, and they may feel like they have nowhere to turn. If this describes you, don’t worry and don’t hesitate — contact us here at John Elledge & Associates.

Our attorneys in Harrisonburg, Virginia, are strong advocates, and they’ll work hard to make sure that you can present a credible case. Sometimes, when you’re a student, it can feel like the deck is stacked against you. We want to re-stack that deck, so that you have your fair chance.

Whether you’re involved in a minor legal issue, or whether you have more serious charges (including alcohol-related charges, drug-related charges, sexual offense charges, traffic and driving charges, and more), the lawyers here at John Elledge & Associates will be glad to sit down with you and look over the specifics of your situation.

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Don’t let legal troubles spell the end of your plans for your life. Instead, contact John Elledge & Associates to find out how you can get back on your feet and face your legal challenge head on.

No matter what trouble you may have gotten into, our team of lawyers looks forward to hearing from you and helping you get through your legal problems.

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