Sexual Offense Attorneys

The term “sexual offenses” can be applied to a number of crimes, all of which can come with hefty consequences. The classification of “sex offender” can haunt someone forever, even well after a jail sentence has been served. If you’ve been charged with a sexual offense, from sexual harassment or public nudity to more serious charges like rape, statutory rape, or other sex crimes, you need dedicated, competent lawyers helping you through the entire process. That’s why we’re here. The lawyers at John Elledge & Associates have lots of knowledge of the law and experience with many different offenses. We know that each case is unique, so we want to hear from you about the specifics of your own case. Sexual crimes are difficult to deal with; make sure that you’re not alone, but that you have a good lawyer.

Since sexual offenses are such difficult charges, we urge you not to wait; contact us here at John Elledge & Associates as soon as you can, so we can begin forming a defense and helping you right away. No matter what your legal charges might be, we’re willing to talk to you and help you find a way forward. When it feels like nobody else is on your side, come to John Elledge & Associates–we hope to be able to help you with any sexual offense charges you might have.